I have always been been interested in colour, shape, textures and patterns and think that these elements are as important as the 'subject' of the image. I use these ideas in my wildlife photography combined with naturalistic treatment in post-production to try to recreate what it actually feels like to be out in the African bush.

Working in the ever-changing habitats of the jungles of India; the lush Okovango Delta; the wildernesses of the Kalahari or the harsh environments of the pans in Botswana presents many challenges to the photographer. There can be many hours waiting patiently or just missing a shot, but the rewards are huge when everything works! Even when it doesn't though, just being out in the bush for another sunrise or sundown is hard to beat.

I started taking photographs over 25 years ago, and stayed with Minolta since the 7000 in 1985. I moved to digital with the 7D and happily migrated to the Sony Alpha range with the A700 and now use three A900s. I wouldn't be without my 600m/f4 or 70-200mm/f2.8 - both are in constant use and with the full-frame sensor of the A900 I can take full advantage of those large apertures. My 7D's were great though and I have got many 6Mpix pictures I am happy to show off.

I am a Sony Advocate and give talks and presentations on their behalf, including the Focus on Imaging exhibitions in 2009 and 2010. I will be giving two talks on my photographs at the Sony World Photography Awards on the 27th and 28th of April.

I am currently putting together work for a show-case in the office of a large London law firm and also producing a book for a safari camp in Botswana.

You can come with me on a tutored safari trip to Botswana by booking with Authentic Adventures. Details of the trips running this year can be found here.

My top tip to anyone going on a safari trip is "be ready for anything!" -- you never know what's going to be around the next corner. Know your camera and keep it ready at all times. Practice taking pictures of ducks on the river, farm animals or even the family dog, getting those shots right will be far more useful than going to a zoo.